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Part 5. Fix iPhone Not Showing in Computer via Device Manager. Except for an outdated Apple Mobile Device USB Driver, a fault one could also cause your iPhone not showing up on computer like Windows 10. You can try a simple switch to fix this problem via Device Manager. Here's how to do it If you connect your device to your computer with a USB cable and your computer doesn't recognize your iPhone, iPad, or iPod, get help. Global Nav Open Press the Windows and R key on your keyboard to open the right-click a blank area in the File Explorer Window, click View, then click Details to find the correct file type. Question: Q: iOS10 iPhone does not appear in Windows 10 File Explorer Since upgrading my iPhone 6s Plus to iOS 10.0.1 and iTunes to (Windows 10 64b), I can sync in iTunes, but the phone's storage no longer appears as a drive in File Explorer If your iPhone is not showing up in Windows Explorer, you need to try the next solution. Simple Solutions to Recovering Deleted Photos on iPhone If you want to recover deleted photos on iPhone in an easy way, you'd better try the professional iOS data recovery software - MiniTool Mobile Recovery for iOS Is the DCIM Folder for iPhone and iPad empty or not showing any photos when DCIM empty folder issue on Windows 10. Restart Your iPhone and that's why the folder isn't showing up

5 Tips to Fix iPhone not Showing Up in Windows Explorer

  1. iPad wont show up in file explorer Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last. Jump to page: Delta6k. Posts : 5. Windows 10 Pro 64 bit How to Hide or Show Status Bar in File Explorer in Windows 10 The status bar at the bottom of File Explorer will show you how many items are in and selected for the currently opened folder
  2. Fix: iPhone Not Showing Up on Windows 10. If the issue is with your Computer or a Laptop you should try using Restoro which can scan the repositories and replace corrupt and missing files. This works in most cases, where the issue is originated due to a system corruption
  3. If your iPhone doesn't show up on computer when connected, this post provides you several efficient solutions to fix iPhone not showing up on Windows PC/Mac. Also, you can use an alternative way to view and move your data with ease
  4. Tried the procedure of deleting the Apple USB driver, uninstalled iTunes, unplugged phone, reinstalled iTunes, plugged in phone, and it worked in so far as the iPhone showed up on Windows Explorer, but two issues (1) I can't access the internal storage of the iPhone in Windows Explorer.. says it's empty (most certainly is quite full), and (2) iPhone is now not showing up in iTunes
  5. 2 Fix iPhone Not Showing Up on Windows 10 via Device Manager. Besides the above easy solution, there are some other relatively complex ways for you to solve the issue of iPhone doesn't show on Windows 10 or iTunes. Please follow the steps below: 1

If you have connected your iPhone or iPod to your computer using a USB cable and Windows Explorer doesn't recognize it, there could be a couple of issues causing this problem. In this post, I will show you how to diagnose and fix the iPhone not showing up in Windows Explorer issue so that you can access your iPhone or iPad storage easily without using iTunes iPad,iPhone recognized but not showing in Windows Explorer Everything worked until about a week ago. I could hook up my iPhone or iPad and they would show up as portable device (don't remember the exact wording) in explorer, without a drive letter Hence it was not showing up in the File Explorer. iPhones running iOS 10 have encountered this problem while users were trying to connect their iPhones to Windows. Whatever may be the reason, check out some simple troubleshooters. You must be signed in to Windows as Administrator to perform the steps.Also, you must have your iPhone and its data. iPhone not showing up in Windows Explorer. bobox00 asked on 2011-10-14. iPhone; PC; iOS; 5 Comments. 1 Solution. 1,389 Views. Last Modified: 2012-06-22. My iPhone used to show up as a drive folder in windows explorer. Then, I was able to copy and delete pics easily. Now I can't. I've tried all 3 kinds of phones: iPhone 7 Plus (with iTunes), Windows Phone and Android Phone (set as USB File Transfer) and I cannot get either phone to show up in Windows Explorer. The iPhone will appear in iTunes but not Windows Explorer

Some of these cheap Lightning cable sold in shops or online stores only provide you with charging ability and not data transfer ability. If the lightning cable you are using does not have data transfer abilities, this might be the reason your windows 10 PC explorer is not showing your iPhone icon on My Computer Question: Q: Video not showing up in DCIM folder, all others there. Need to transfer to PC. I understand from your post that you are trying to import a video from an iPhone to a Windows 10 computer without using iCloud, but do not see the video in the DCIM folder

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Sometimes iPhone users want to import photos and videos but they always face a common issue 'iPhone Not Showing Up In Windows Explorer'. If you faced this type of critical issue, then don't think that you are alone. You will need some guidelines to fix your issue Close File Explorer on your Windows 10 PC, and open it again. Access your iPhone, and the DCIM folder will appear. If you've connected this phone to your PC multiple times, and you're suddenly seeing this message check if you've unlocked your phone. If not, unlock it and the DCIM folder should appear iPhone, iPad, or iPod not showing up on your computer? If your iDevice does not appear in 'My Computer' this method should get your PC to recognize the devic..

When looking for attached hard drives, USB flash drives or CD and DVD drives using Windows Explorer, you may notice that some drives are not seen in Windows Explorer or the drive may disappear after a short time or when Windows resumes from Sleep or Hibernation. This can be caused by any of the following iPhone not showing in Windows Explorer - June 2019. June 13, 2019. 68. 0. Hi All, I know there are already a lot of post about the subject but nothing have helped so far. Our issue is that the iPhone 7 Plus doesn't show in Windows Explorer but syncs in iTunes. Here are the things we did Under Windows 7, whenever I connected my iPhone, I would see a device drive appear in the File Explorer, which allowed me to manually copy photos from the iPhone to my computer. Under Windows 10, the device drive no longer appeared. I found the solution to this problem at iPhone doesn't show up in Windows 10 File Explorer [Solved]

Is your #iPhone drive not showing in #Windows 8/8.1/10 computer? Then follow these simple steps to know how you can fix the issue to show up the iPhone drive.. Using the same cable, I can see the iPhone in File Explorer on another Windows 10 PC. I did not want to use iTunes, but I installed it anyway for troubleshooting. When connecting the iPhone, iTunes opens, and sees the phone. The iPhone shows up as Apple Mobile Device USB Composite Device in Control Panel, Hardware, Devices Sometimes, when plugging in iPhone or iPad to the USB port of computer, the iOS device is not showing up in My Computer or Windows Explorer (File Explorer in Windows 8), even though the iPhone or iPad may already been recognized in Apple iTunes software. Or worse, the iPhone or iPad may not be detected or recognized by the iTunes and the computer. There are [

Therefore, there is a high probability that Apple Mobile Device Service is not running on Windows 10, making iPhone not showing up in iTunes. If you wish to see iTunes iPhone connected, try to restart the Apple Mobile Device Service. 1. Press Windows + R to open the Run box and then type in services.msc in the box. At last, hit OK to go on. 2 iPhone Not Showing Up in Windows Explorer Anymore. This is really dumb and makes me want to tear (what's left) of my hair out. Client of ours, can no longer access the photos on her iPhone via windows explorer. I did all the usual BS restarting the iPhone checking to make sure that the device was in Device Manager properly etc If you connect your device to your computer with a USB cable and your computer doesn't recognise your iPhone, iPad or iPod, get help. Global Nav Open Menu Press the Windows and R key on your keyboard to open the Run right-click a blank area in the File Explorer Window, click View, then click Details to find the correct file type. You have connected your iOS device (e.g. iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) with the lightening cable and are ready to copy photos and videos that you took on your device to your Windows 10 computer. However, upon opening Windows Explorer and pasting the files to your designated location, you receive the following error: Device is unreachable. Continue reading The following steps show how to show hidden files and folders in Windows 10. Open File Explorer iPhone empty in Windows USB mode Michael says: Saturday, 18 July 2020 at 1:30 AM . Tried the above - didn't work for me either. Back up folder still shows empty which is a concern, should I ever need to use it

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Re: Photos Not Showing In Windows Explorer On iPhone UPDATE: So I have connected my iPhone up to my desktop computer and I was able to see the photos there . 06-27-2013, 06:47 A I have a Windows 10 pc and attached an iPhone 6S to it. All files appear in Windows Explorer except one. It is a 4K Video going over 13 minutes

If your Windows 7 or Windows 8 computer / laptop doesn't recognize your iPhone, or if you are facing unexpected issues trying to make your iPhone appear in Windows explorer, then this how-to tutorial should solve your problem. Before we go into the solution, it is important to explain the situation. Many iPhone users have. Are you facing the problem that iCloud Drive not syncing with Windows 10 or iCloud drive not showing files on Windows 10? If so, here are the quick fixes to help you troubleshoot this issue. Besides, the EaseUS MobiMover Free is recommended in this article to sync files from iPhone to Windows PC and in the vice versa when the iCloud drive not working well Video Showing how to troubleshoot iPhone not showing up in iTunes issue on Mac; Download Computer Malware Repair Tool. To begin with open the Windows folder in your explorer and type USBAAPL.SYS file in the search bar. Right click the file and choose Open File Location, then move all the files to a new file folder If you are a Windows user, you definitely have encountered the problem that Device not showing up under network in explorer. Here we will shows three ways t

1. Enable iCloud Drive. The first thing you must do is ensure that iCloud Drive is up and running on your computer — quite important if you just installed iCloud for Windows for the first time After updated to iOS 10, some users are complaining that iTunes cannot recognize their iOS device when connected to computer running Windows 10. Fortunately, we've summarized solutions that have been known to work in the article below to fix Windows 10 not recognizing iPhone after iOS 10 update, get your iPhone ready and let's kick off

I am using my work laptop that has windows 10 up to date and my iphone x has latest IOS Using an origin lighting cable that supplied with the phone when I purchased it happened recently on my work laptop my iphone x not showing in my computer while no problem with my desktop. Phone is not showing in the Device Manage iphone 6 not recognized by windows 7 ive just tried to connect my iphone 6 to my windows 7 laptop. i get the noise to say its connected and it does charge via usb, but thats all. its not showing in my computer and not found in itunes.my computer shows my external hdds, and anything else i plug in via usb any help appreciated:cry:. Lumia 930 not showing up in explorer. Ask Question Asked 6 years, 1 month ago. not for me. i also tried using the windows phone desktop app but i can't even use it because it's minimizing itself all the time it gets focus! very strange - neuronalbit Aug 29 '14 at 18:13. like iPhone 12 Pro, replace entry-level DSLR cameras Hi, I have a slightly different problem: when I connect my iPhone to my Windows 7 computer everything works well, AutoPlay window pops up and I can transfer pictures to my PC. For some reasons it is not the case with my iPad mini: no AutoPlay window and I don't see it under Computer file structure in Windows Explorer Windows Phone not showing up in Windows 10. Hi. I have a Lumia 1520, but when I plug it into my laptop, it doesn't show up in Windows Explorer. Is there a way I can get it to show up, as well as browse the phone filesystem (especially the SD card) to show up

The problem exists even after enabling the Network Discovery on the Windows 10 PC. How to FIX: Network Computers Are Not Visible in Explorer in Windows 10. The problem of not displaying all network computers in Windows 10, can occur for a variety of reasons, so in this tutorial I will outline all the possible ways to fix the problem iPhone Internal Storage is Empty on Windows 10/8/7, How to Fix? By Carrie Murray , Monday, June 1, 2020 Some of you might have encountered such an embarrassing situation: when you connect your iPhone or iPad with the computer, you can see the attached device appearing in This PC or file explorer

iPhone doesn't show up in Windows 10 File Explorer [Solved

Thanks so much! I just used Sn0wbreeze 2.0.1 to jailbreak my iphone 3gs and the pictures were not showing up on my camera reel. Yet when i looked at itunes, it showed that space in my iphone's memory was occupied my photos! I tried the methods you first mentioned but my iphone was not showing up on my computer Sees that Windows is having issues identifying information when accessing the iPhone via Windows Explorer. When you plug the phone in, AutoPlay should prompt you to use the Windows Import utility. If not, you should be able to go to Computer, then right-click on the iPhone and select the Windows Import utility from there Since I upgraded to Windows 10, my pc doesn't see or recognize either of my iPhones. Before, with Windows 7, the iphone would show up in File Explorer so I could copy photos to my PC. My iPhone is recognized by iTunes, and another computer I have that is still running Windows 7 recognizes it with no problem The Details panel in my Windows Explorer does not display tags in the list of properties. Also, when I right-click a file, go to Properties and then click the Details tab, tags are not listed there either. Is there a way to turn this feature on? Thanks in advance for any help

iPhone Not Showing up in Windows File Explorer - How To Fi

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The files do not appear in explorer, so there is no way to check for a green tick. This is occuring in a number of folders throughout the account. I have quit the Dropbox desktop application. The files did not reappear in Windows explorer. I have rebooted several times. Still files not visible. File 2018-06 showing in recent files list. If iPhone is not showing up in iTunes, the problem could be due to various reasons, ranging from minor technical glitches to corrupted drivers and other reasons. iPhone Not Connecting to iTunes In general, iPhone shows up in the top-menu bar in iTunes as soon as it is plugged into the USB Port of a Windows computer When you plug an iPhone or iPad into your computer for the first time, a message will pop up on your device, asking whether it should trust the computer it's been plugged into. If you aren't paying close attention, it's easy to miss-and without responding to that prompt, your device won't show up in iTunes

Thumbnail previews not showing in Windows 10 File Explorer (10 solutions) The following solutions are from other websites, forums, and user comments. 1. Check if the right View mode is enabled. First, you will have to make sure that the right View mode is turned on for the folder that contains your photos or videos or both How to Open Internet Explorer 11 in Windows 10 . Edge is the default browser in Windows 10, so opening any website on Windows 10 will automatically cause Edge to launch. If you want to use Internet Explorer 11 instead, you need to locate and open it

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Go Pro Quik does not work. Go pro is in USB mode, and seems to be connected correctly. My computer only has USB 3.0 or newer ports, and I wonder if this is why the device does not show up in device manager. Will the last option be to purchase a micro SD card to import media, or is there anything else I can do to import files? Henri In this blog post, we are set to talk about a subject that is very closely related the issues of the iPhone device. In particular, we are to deal with the 'iPhone DCIM Folder Empty' or 'iPhone DCIM Folder Not Showing' predicament, which has a lot of users going up the wall when face-to-face with this particular issue. Of late, scores of iPhone customers have reported serious issues of. Microsoft is bringing Linux file integration directly into the Windows 10 File Explorer. Testers can start trying out the integration in a new Windows 10 build today before it's available for. iPhone 6/ 6S and Older Models. Hold down the 'Sleep/Wake' and 'Home' keys concurrently for 8 to 10 seconds and release them as soon as the Apple logo shows up on screen. 3. Authorize the Computer. When your iPhone photos are not showing up on computer after iPhone get connected, the reason might be authorization issues My iCloud Drive is not showing up in my Windows 10 File Explorer. Any help would be greatly appreciated. June 1, 2020. 12. 0. I just moved my files to a new PC and I found that my iCloud drive is not showing up in Windows 10 File Explorer

My USB flash drive not showing up USB Flash drive not showing in Windows 10 File Explorer but in Disk Management USB Flash drive not showing up in Windows 10 Disk Management. My USB flash drive not showing up I have a SanDisk USB 3.0 flash drive and want to use it to back up the files on my local D drive Part 2: How to Fix USB not showing up in Windows 10 Step 1 - Diagnose the Problem. To identify where the fault lies you will have to perform a complete diagnosis using the Disk Management system

Feb 02, 2016 · I fixed my problems with TortoiseSVN icons not showing up in Windows 10, for the special case where my repository was on a removable drive. There is a Tortoise setting that determines which Drive Types the icons are used with: Drives A: and B:, Removable drives, Network drives, Fixed drives, CD-ROM, RAM drives, and Unknown drives.. It was NOT a problem with the naming of the icon overlays in. So, users don't need Explorer to browse iPhones in Windows. Macgo iPhone Explorer is one of the freeware iOS file managers for Windows. Click the Free Download button on the software's page to save the installer for iPhone Explorer. Then users can add that software to Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, and Vista with its setup wizard If you have connected your Iphone or iPod to your computer using a USB cable and Windows Explorer doesn't recognize it, there could be a couple of issues causing this problem. In this post, I will show you how to diagnose and fix the iPhone not showing up in Windows Explorer issue so that you [

Windows 10 and iPhone are both latest invention of Microsoft and Apple which requires the latest equipments to work properly. If that's the scenario, then buy a USB port 3.0 hub and try to plug the USB data cable in that one. If it resolves the issue then you will have to use the new USB port hub to connect your iPhone to PC Mac: 10.9.5 or later iOS 9: PC: Windows XP or later Mac: 10.7 or later iOS 8: PC: Windows XP or later Mac: 10.6.8 or later Just make sure you are using the most current version of iTunes that is available for your computer's OS. On a PC, click File menu Check for Updates. On a PC, click on iTunes menu Check for Updates. iExplorer does not yet. Click Trust this Computer to Recognize iPhone in Windows 10. When the Windows gets updated, iOS device may not simply recognize the computer as a trusted computer anymore and as a result, the iPhone/iPad or iPod Touch might not show up on the iTunes interface

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How To Fix iPhone Not Showing In File Explorer In Windows

If your iPhone shows up under the USB menu, that means that your Mac is registering the iPhone as connected, but macOS is, for whatever reason, not. To rectify this, you'll need to make sure you've updated macOS to its latest version. How to download macOS updates. How to get your iPhone or iPad to show in the Finde I tested iPhone connected to three different PCs (Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10). Switching computers apparently didn't help fixing the problem. I switched to a brand new original iPhone USB cable. No luck, either. I rebooted PC couple of times. This absolutely didn't have any positive effect on the issue at matter. I rebooted iPhone

IPhone doesn't appear in file explorer in win 10

I run the Windows Photo app, it detects the photos and videos on my iPhone, starts to export, then says something went wrong, your files may not have imported I contacted Microsoft and they reinstalled the operating system, didn't work. I deleted the photos app and reinstalled it, didn't work. I upgraded IOS on my iPhone, didn't wor I didn't, however, use the new software to find it. It was merely that the next time I opened File Explorer I was able to see and transfer that file. Weird. Oh, and I have Windows 8 - for at least a few more days, I here. Supposedly there'll be some Windows 10 magically appearing soon. Thanks, again Whenever you attempt to upload or download a file from your iPhone to a Mac or a Windows 10 PC via iTunes, its backup is created automatically. It's beneficial in many ways. For instance, if there's an event of misfortune and you lose data, you can recover files from the backup Voila! Your iPhone should (most probably) show up on your Mac Finder. Now, go ahead and restore, back up or sync your device as usual. Other Tricks That Might Also Help in Fixing iPhone Not Showing Up in Finder Problem. Make Sure to Check the USB Connection. If your iOS device is still not appearing in the Finder, there could be USB. What to do when your iPhone isn't showing up in iTunes By Simon Chandler October 26, 2020 Connecting your iPhone to iTunes through a Mac or PC is an essential part of digital housekeeping

How to Fix iPhone Not Showing Up on PC (iOS 13 Supported

My Cloud not showing in Windows Explorer. WD MyCloud suddenly stopped showing up under MY Pc on Windows 10. Still see it, but can't change anything. Unable to map MyCloud. Please help, cannot access MYCOUD on my pC. My Passport is not recognised by my PC win 10 If you are also facing this problem and a new Windows 10 feature update is not showing in your computer, this tutorial will help you in installing the update. UPDATE: Also check following article to manually upgrade to latest Windows 10 feature update: [Fix] Windows 10 Feature Update Not Showing on Windows Update. Let's start: PROBLEM REASONS In the case, thumbnails are still not showing at all on Windows 10, chances are that someone or something messed up with your folder settings. Open File Explorer . Click on the View tab My IPhone does not show up in the My Computer folder when Showing up correctly in Device Manager and also in My Computer. Windows Explorer popped up and there was the storage folder for.

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Recently several Windows 10//7 users complained about this. If you happen to have this issue, here we share some useful tricks for you to fix iTunes on Windows 10 not detecting/recognize iPhone, iPad or iPod. Trick 1: Restart Your Computer and Device. If your Windows 10 PC can't recognize your iPhone, first thing first is turn off your. I'm still hearing the notification sound when I plug my iPhone in but no iPhone icon showing up in the explorer screen. Or any screen. And I'm not getting any pop up asking how I would like to view the device. Help Samsung 850 EVO not showing up in This PC Another case of Samsung SSD not detected in Windows 10 is that is cannot show up in Windows File Explorer This PC. This problem can be solved by following fixes. Please first make sure this SSD can be detected by Windows device manager, BIOS, or Samsung Magician. Change drive letter Open up Mail in Windows 10 for example, click Accounts, then click Add account: You'll notice iCloud is one of the options listed.Sign in with your Apple credentials, and Mail will let you send. In this tutorial we show how to copy photos from your iPhone on to any Windows computer, including ones running Windows 10, covering Windows Import Tool, Windows Explorer, iTunes, cloud storage.

Question: Q: iOS10 iPhone does not appear in Windows 10

In File Explorer or on the desktop, when you create, delete, rename, or move a file or folder, the folder view does not refresh automatically to reflect the action. To see the changes, the user must press the F5 button on the keyboard, or right-click on the desktop or folder background and choose Refresh. Let' One of such annoying situation is, iPhone not showing in iTunes. No matter how perfectly you have installed an update, there are some or the other glitches; which prevents your iPhone to show up in iTunes. Below we have listed all the possible solutions. iPhone or iPad Device Icon Not Showing in iTunes. Basic Troubleshooting for Mac and Windows Picked up by the eagle-eyed WinCentral, Microsoft's long-awaited fix for Windows 10's File Explorer issues (KB4532695) is now causing a wide array of new problems itself, including broken. Up until now I've been transferring files with my smartphone Samsung S3 to my Win 10 PC with no problems. Recently it stopped showing up in file explorer. It appears in the device manager and under devices in the control panel. The usb icon on the lower right (safety remove hardware) in the.. Folder on phone not showing in Windows. Ask Question Asked 7 years, 1 month ago. Active 4 months ago. If I browse the phone using ES File Explorer I can see the folder/files, but when connected to a Windows 7 back them up with references or personal experience. To learn more, see our tips on writing great answers

If Your iPhone Is Not Showing up on PC, Try These Solution

Step 2: If you use a third-party browser, you might not have the same menu. Most of the third-party browsers all use Internet Explorer Kernel so you can make a setting in Control Panel. Then navigate to Network and Internet Internet Options. Note: For Windows 7, you can click on Start menu and select Control Panel. For Windows 8, 8.1 or 10, you. Solved - SD card not showing up or recognized in Windows 10/8/7. SD card not showing up or detected? Never mind, just follow solutions here to fix the issue without losing data. It happens that SD card, USB drive, external hard drive, hard disk and other storage media does not show up in Windows File Explorer when you connect it to your computer 1: Update Drivers or Reinstall Devices Open Device Manager by pressing the Windows Key + X (Windows 10) or press the Windows Key + S and begin typing and click on Device Manager. We want to expand two categories, which should be named very similar to DVD/CD-ROM drives and IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers.Repeat the following steps for any devices listed under these two categories

How to Fix iPhone DCIM Folder Not Showing Photos (or Empty

Hi, I imported a certificate from verisign and installed in system. When accessed the certificate through Tools->Internet Options->Content->Certificates->Other People the certificate is visible. However when accessing the website, the certificate prompt does not contain the newly added certificate. · It sounds like one of the following: 1. Last updated on January 17th, 2019. On a Windows 7 computer, with Office 2013 installed, suddenly all DOCX files were not displayed with the default Word icon in Explorer, even though the DOCX file association was set up correctly and all docx files opened without problems with Word 2013 application

Hello Since upgrading to Windows 10 I have had sporadic issues viewing the files from a WD My Book Live via file explorer. It historically has fixed itself when new Windows updates have installed but not since the last month. I've been onto WD who have suggested various things for me to try · Hi Andy, Have you tried this method? 1.Run CMD as. Windows XP Hardware >> Devices not showing up in explorer Hey there, I've had this problem with a couple machines (all laptops) on my network running WinXPsp2. When you insert usb storage media, be it a usb key drive, a digital camera, etc. The pc will not list the device in explorer Windows treats the iPhone as either a digital camera or a file system, depending on how the photos are accessed. On a Windows PC, the easiest way to get pictures from your iPhone is to just use Windows Explorer, but there are two ways to go about this. In either case, unlock the iPhone before beginning, or else the photos may not be visible Hi I am using Windows Professional 7 32bit OS having IE 11. I am unable to open XML file *.xml in IE 11. I used to open it in IE 8 successfully. it output was visible. But now its no happening in IE 11. Can somebody please help me , with how to open XML output in Windows 7 Professional. · Respective software vendor has mentioned , his report. In your Windows computer, File Explorer may not display PDF thumbnails, and instead show only the default icon assigned for PDF files. This might happen even if you've the option Always show icons, never thumbnails unchecked in the View tab of Folder Options dialog. This article tells you how to enable PDF thumbnails as well as th

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